Guided Shopping Experience

While medical insurance is a core element of financial protection, this alone doesn’t address the range of employees' potential risks. Our proprietary “Personal Benefits Shopper” recommends a customized benefit portfolio for each employee based on his or her situation and preferences, while providing educational tools to help him or her understand his or her options. Our goal is to make benefits selection easy, while ensuring your employees are protected for whatever life throws their way.

Our Suite of Tools

Recommendation Engine

uses sophisticated statistical modeling to predict the right combinations of products and plans.

Plan Comparisons

let each employees compare plan details, including key coverages, plan features and costs side by side.

Plan Summaries

display key components of plans simply and without insurance jargon.

Education Tools

contain accessible information about insurance with articles, videos and FAQs.

How Our Recommendation Engine Works

At the heart of our technology is a recommendation engine that uses sophisticated statistical modeling to predict the right combination of plans resulting in the best personal fit for each individual.

Bright Choices creates a recommended portfolio of benefits that is right for each individual. To do that it needs to ask some simple questions to better understand each employee.


Expected Utilization
Health Status
Network Preferences




Risk Tolerance
Health and
Financial Concerns
Health Care Consumerism

Statistical Modeling

A sophisticated algorithm creates a recommendation considering:
1. Types of plans that match each employee’s specific needs and wants
2. Total costs to balance premiums with expected out-of-pocket expenses
3. Physician network preferences and overall desires and concerns

Health care Costs and Utilization

Bright Choices utilizes public data on medical cost and usage to project health care expenses.

A unique recommendation for each employee built by a system that truly understands who they are as individuals and offers the coverage they actually need