Partner With Us to Expand Your Reach

Liazon joins forces with partners across the country to help bring personalized, comprehensive benefits coverage to employees.


Rapidly acquire new members

Liazon works with you to activate your distribution channels and drive rapid growth out of the gate. With Bright Choices, rates and underwriting cycles don't matter anymore.


Increase profits

Through our combination of member empowerment, intelligent plan choices, and deep decision support carriers experience enhanced medical-loss ratio and administrative cost performance.


Improve loyalty

Bright Choices empowers carriers to create a "spreadsheet-proof" solution that is no longer prone to annual waves of member gains and losses due to price swings. Carriers breed deep and persistent member loyalty — enhancing long-term profitability.


Partnering With Liazon

True Partners

We’ve done it before, so we’ll guide you through the process and work with you to select the right set of plan designs for your target markets.

Steamlined Administration

We develop a streamlined operational process between the organizations to minimize administrative work and improve the employer and employee experience.

Great Sales Relationships

We forge tight field sales relationships between the health plan, the assigned Liazon account executive and other relevant third-party distributors.

Get in Touch

We’re always exploring new opportunities with leading carrier and vendor partners.