About Liazon

Liazon was founded by health care and insurance veterans, who realized that the technological revolution that had fundamentally altered our lives in so many ways could change how we choose, and use, health insurance and other employee benefits, for the better. Now, with over a decade of experience, Liazon is the industry-leading private benefits exchange with over 1,000 clients and counting. Liazon was acquired by Towers Watson, now Willis Towers Watson, in 2013.

Our Product Principles

Our product development philosophy is supported by the values we believe a true private exchange should embody:

Let people shop in a store with market prices

We know price is important. And when employees see real relative market prices they make better financial decisions. The way to accomplish this is to give them money and let them shop in a store with full prices.

Ensure meaningful choice

We believe in more lines of coverage (not just medical, dental and vision but coverages like disability, life and even pet insurance) and meaningful choice (multiple plans that are materially different from each other) within each line.

Take a portfolio approach to benefits

We believe the optimal way to select insurance coverage is to purchase a balanced portfolio of products—not just health insurance—that complement and support one another.

Provide the right level of guidance

We help people make good choices by providing a guided shopping experience, decision support and multiple ways for people to shop. People make smart choices when they understand all the facts.

Facilitate employee involvement and engagement

We believe people should be in the driver's seat when shopping for their benefits, especially as personal circumstances, available options and prices change over time. We make it easy, and even enjoyable, to shop for benefits.


Join Our Team

Liazon is always looking for irresistibly smart, fun people to join our growing ranks.