Changing the Benefits Landscape

As operator of the industry’s leading private benefits exchanges for businesses across the country, Liazon is changing the way employees shop for benefits through Bright Choices®, as well as by powering several privately labeled brands.

Liazon has turned everything you know about employee benefits upside down.

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Technology in benefits has traditionally lagged behind most other industries – and Liazon has been working to change that since 2007. We have a track record of helping businesses nationwide control their benefits costs while expanding benefits choice and coverage.   Working with over 160 carriers, including 75 medical carriers, and leading vendors for price transparency, wellness and other offerings, we maintain superior relationships, award-winning technology and best-in-class service to offer a proven solution that delivers results for both employers and employees.

Better Value for the Benefits Dollar

Employers can set and control their own budgets, rather than accepting the latest rate hike from their medical carrier. Instead of a "one-size-fits-all" package to suit all of their diverse employees' needs, employers can offer employees the ability to choose a personalized package that works for them. And this very often leads to cost savings for both the employer and employee. When employees are put in the driver's seat, they become more engaged and confident health care consumers who appreciate their benefits more—as well as the employers who are providing them.


of employees are more likely to stay with their employer.


of employees better understand what their health insurance and other benefits cover.


of employees are more aware of the cost of medical care.


of employees are more confident in their health care decisions.

The numbers speak for themselves:


of employees are satisfied with the shopping and enrollment experience.

Features of Liazon Private Exchanges

1. Highly configurable

Whether they are self-funded or fully-insured, looking to bring their own plan design or leverage one of our curated “stores,” or considering varying contribution options, we work with employers to meet their corporate objectives.


2. Streamlined administration

Get out of the benefits business and back to the business of what you do best. From paperless enrollment to extensive reporting capabilities, as well as integration with carrier systems and other third-party programs like speechelo and services, we simplify and streamline the benefits process, freeing your HR staff to focus on your employees.


3. Meaningful choice

Employers can offer their employees a broader scope of products and plans, and employees can select the portfolio of benefits that best protect them against financial risk. A store is only as good as the products on the shelves, and we have relationships with the industry’s leading national and regional carriers to ensure all needs are met.


4. Guided shopping experience

Great products and plans are important, but decision support is critical to ensure employees understand how to navigate their options. Liazon’s recommendation engine uses sophisticated statistical modeling to predict the right combination of products and plans, along with plan summaries, side-by-side plan comparisons and educational resources, to create informed benefits shoppers. Learn more about the guided shopping experience